Application Management

The Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies has several different application types. To help guide you to making the right selection, here is some general information on the steps and your options.

You will first be prompted to select the academic year the application type. The year is set based upon the start of the academic year, which runs summer to spring. For example, to apply for Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019, you would select "2018 Graduate Applications" in the drop down.

Once you have selected the academic year for your application, you will see one or more of the following options:
  • Accelerated Admissions
    • This application is exclusively for qualified Appalachian undergraduates applying for early acceptance to select master's degree programs.
    • For more details, please visit this link.
  • Graduate School
    • This application is for applicants to graduate degree and certificate programs for the Summer and Fall 2018 terms.
  • Degrees and Certificates
    • Students planning to enroll in graduate degree and certificate programs starting in the Spring 2019 term or later should use this application.
  • Non-Degree
    • This application is for applicants who do not plan to pursue a graduate degree or certificate for a specific term, but still wish to enroll in graduate level courses for graduate credit.
    • Reasons for enrolling as a non-degree include receiving academic credit for participation in certain conferences or institutes offered on our campus, personal or professional skills enrichment, and enrolling in courses for transfer credit to another institution.
  • Readmission
    • Students who enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program but had to withdraw from classes or did not enroll for at least one Spring or Fall term and wish to return to Appalachian to continue the program should apply using this application.
    • Students who previously enrolled as a graduate level non-degree student and wish to enroll again as a graduate level, non-degree student may also use this application.
Still have questions? Please contact the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions at 828-262-7133.

When you are ready to start an application, simply click on "Start New Application" at the bottom of the page after logging in. 

To continue an application that you have started but have not submitted (In Progress), simply click on the specific application in the "Your Applications" section.

To view the status of a submitted application, simply click on the specific application in the "Your Applications" section.

Returning users:

Log in to continue an application.

First-time users:

Create an account to start a new application.